Welcome to the official website of art historian Dr Janina Ramirez

Now in Paperback: The Private Lives of the Saints: Power, Passion and Politics in Anglo-Saxon England – out now.


Dr Janina Ramirez gained her degree in English literature and language (specializing in Old and Middle English) from St Anne’s College, Oxford. She then completed her post-graduate studies at the renowned Centre for Medieval Studies, York, where her love of medieval art flourished.


As a presenter, Dr Janina Ramirez has filmed a number of documentaries for BBC Television.  In 2010 she presented her debut, ‘Treasures of the Anglo-Saxons’ which aired on BBC Four, before going over to BBC Two. In 2011, she presented The Viking Sagas, and Britain’s Most Fragile Treasure.


Dr Janina Ramirez is course director for the Undergraduate Certificate in History of Art at the University of Oxford, and contributes to a number of courses, including a forthcoming seminar series on decoding symbols in art (Trinity 2012). She continues to publish her research, most recently in international art history journal Gesta.