Dr Janina Ramirez

Cultural Historian. Broadcaster. Author.


Gloucester History festival:
Blackfriars Priory with Dr Janina Ramirez

Watch a film of the Gloucester History Festival’s President Dr. Janina Ramirez and local historian Phil Moss discussing the importance of the Blackfriars Scriptorium, which is England’s oldest surviving library and forms the hub of this year’s festival.

The Story of Durham Cathedral in LEGO | Part 5

The final episode in a series of mini-films retelling the story of Durham Cathedral in LEGO! Part 5 explores life in the Cathedral today, including the Cathedral's new world-class exhibition experience Open Treasure, open from 23 July 2016. Thanks to North-East based video production company LintelFilm for producing this film.

Private Lives of the Saints (Film) Lecture
History Association Annual Conference 2016

Keynote Speech: Private Lives of the Saints: power, passion and politics in Anglo-Saxon England.

Behind the authorised saints’ lives and cult veneration lie real historical figures and, as Janina will reveal, their stories are no less fascinating than the legends. Far from the one-dimensional pious figures we imagine, the saints were the power players, king-makers and politicians of the day, and by re-examining their lives – the art and literature that inspired them, the landscape and buildings that surrounded them, the issues that preoccupied them and the symbolic world that mattered to them – we can explore the rich history of Anglo-Saxon England.

This film was recorded at the HA Annual Conference 2016 which took place at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate.

You can view the video by clicking on the link below. 

The art of war: The Hundred Years' War in twenty objects
University of Oxford

This lecture examines one of the longest wars in history, fought between England and France from 1337 to 1453. The series of bloody battles, including famous events like Crecy and Agincourt, bridged the enormous cultural, intellectual and social developments that saw both nations move from the medieval world to the modern. By scrutinising twenty objects, from skulls to manuscripts, paintings to buildings, this lecture will bring to life, not just the battles, monarchs and knights of the time, but also the atmosphere and artistic climate of this important period when nations were redefined.